A simple yet effective ad for Brooklyn’s new park

A simple and effective ad has appeared in a Brooklyn park that’s intended to highlight the borough’s new parks and trails.

The ad, which features a park ranger, features the logo of the Brooklyn-based firm that created the design, with the words “Brooklyn is Beautiful” above the logo.

The firm says it hopes to build on its recent success with a similar ad for a new park in the Bronx, which debuted in October.

It’s also using a photo of a bear as its icon.

“The bear is a symbol of Brooklyn,” Brooklyn Borough President Carl Weisberg said in a statement.

“It is a timeless symbol of nature and its connection to the borough and to the city.

It is a wonderful symbol of diversity and of Brooklyn.”

The bear’s image has also appeared in ads for a popular Brooklyn-themed restaurant, a local coffee shop and a New York City park.

The ads have garnered a mixed reaction from critics, who note that the bear’s symbol could evoke imagery from past Brooklyn park designs.

“This is another example of Brooklyn’s over-saturation of corporate advertising that uses imagery from history and cultural heritage, and that makes it harder to tell the difference between Brooklyn and Brooklyn history,” said Brooklyn Borough Councilman John Liu, who introduced a resolution calling on the city to ban corporate ads featuring bears.

In a statement, Brooklyn Parks and Recreation Commissioner Joe Toth said the bear design is a “good reminder” of Brooklyn and the boroughs history.

He said the park’s park ranger is a retired NYPD officer and has worked at the park since 2000.

“Brooklinians have been coming here for generations to learn about the park, enjoy its beauty and to enjoy their natural surroundings,” Toth wrote.

“We hope this ad can help remind our visitors that the park is still here, and the park still has a rich and colorful history.”

Brooklyn Mayor Bill de Blasio praised the new ads.

“In Brooklyn, we have the opportunity to be proud of the diversity of our city and its residents, but the park we have is also a symbol and a treasure,” he said in an email to reporters.

The Brooklyn borough parks commissioner added that the logo design has already been used in several advertising campaigns in other parts of the city, including in the borough.

The park’s website says that Brooklyn is a beautiful city and that visitors can enjoy the park and its surroundings with family, friends and neighbors.

The parks department hopes to expand the park in Brooklyn’s Central Park by adding more trails, including the Brooklyn Bridge Trail, and adding more parks, playgrounds and water features, including an artificial pond and a park fountain.

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