Which Colleges Offer the Best Design Degree?

The College of Charleston is home to the oldest school of web design in the country, the school’s website boasts.

The school also has a very solid track record in design, having been awarded five prestigious design awards, including three Gold Medals for its Web Design courses, as well as two Silver Medals.

But in this article, we’re going to explore the schools that offer the best design degrees.1.

Columbia University (USC)2.

The College at Dartmouth (DE)3.

University of Maryland, College Park (MD)4.

The University of Pittsburgh (Pitt)5.

University at Buffalo (Buffalo)6.

New York University (NYU)7.

University College London (LC)8.

The Johns Hopkins University (JHU)9.

University, University of Southern California (USCS)10.

University California, Davis (UCSD)11.

University in London (Lancashire)12.

University School of Design (UoS)13.

New School for Design (NYS)14.

University de Montréal (MON)15.

New College of Florida (NCUF)16.

University Art Center, California College of Design17.

University Museum of Art, New York Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts (MOMA)18.

The New School of Architecture, New School (NYSA)19.

University University of Illinois at Chicago (UIUC)20.

University Graduate School of Business, University Graduate Institute (UGS)21.

The John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New Jersey (JDCCC)22.

New England Conservatory of Art (NECA)23.

University Center for Architecture and Urban Planning (UCTP)24.

School of Visual Arts, New England Institute of Architects (NEIA)25.

The Center for Digital Learning, The Graduate Center, University at Albany (UCA)26.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SASIC)27.

The Art Institute, New Brunswick, New New Jersey, the University of New Brunswick (UNB)28.

The Metropolitan Museum, University College, London (MUHC)29.

University Library, University Libraries of New York (ULANS)30.

The Graduate School, University and Museum of Arts, Chicago (MUSE)31.

University Architecture Program, New University of Miami (UNAMI)32.

University Institute of Digital Arts, University School, Tokyo (UIST)33.

The National Center for the Study of Media, Arts, and Culture, Johns Hopkins (NCSAC)34.

The American Museum of Natural History, Museum of Comparative Zoology, New Orleans (MCAZ)35.

The Cleveland Museum of Nature and Science, Museum and Gardens, Cleveland (MNHLS)36.

The Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto (ROM)37.

University Health Sciences Centre, University Health Services, University Hospital of South Australia (UHSA)38.

University Centre for Advanced Research in Environmental Sciences, University Centre, Queensland University of Technology, Queensland (UTRAS)39.

New Mexico State University (NSU)40.

The Arts Education Program, University Art Centre, New Mexico City (UMC)41.

The Centre for Media and Society, University Museum, Sydney (UMAST)42.

The International Centre for the History of Science and Technology, National University of Singapore (NUS)43.

The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, USA (SHIPS)44.

The California Institute of Technology (Caltech)45.

New Graduate School for Computer Science and Engineering, Stanford University (SGS)46.

The Design Institute of California, San Diego (DESC)47.

University Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, University Faculty, Sydney University (UFAS)48.

New Zealand University, Auckland (NZU)49.

University Shanghai, Shanghai, China (UST)50.

New University, London, England, (NUOL)51.

University New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand (UNL)52.

University Design College, Wellington (UDC)53.

University Digital Arts Institute, Sydney, Australia (UDI)54.

The City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (HKU)55.

University Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, (UMBC)56.

The London School of Economics, London School, (LSE)57.

Design School of New Zealand and Design, Auckland, New Zealand, (LDZA)58.

The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia59.

University Business School, Melbourne Business School (MBS)60.

The Sydney School of Law, Sydney School, Australia61.

University Victoria, Melbourne Campus, Australia62.

The Department of Media Arts and Design (DAM), Sydney University, Australia63.

The Institute of Education, University Victoria Campus, Australian University of Wellington, Wellington64.

The Engineering School, Australian National Centre for Research,

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