Why are you using CSS 3 instead of CSS 2?

5:00:11 If you’re like me, you’ve probably been using CSS 2 for years.

I mean, I’ve used it for years now.

If you’ve used CSS 2 or 3 in the past, you probably have some sense of what you’re doing and how it should work.

In other words, it’s an industry standard.

However, CSS 2 is a bit more complex than CSS 1.

CSS 3 is a new standard, and it’s not that the syntax is more complex, but it’s more powerful.

If it’s a language, then it’s going to have more of a reach.

For me, CSS 3 came out of a desire to simplify my own work and make my designs easier to use.

There are a few design patterns that I can’t think of that would work for a new web standard.

I can see it being really helpful in some situations.

The first pattern is the way I’ve seen it used for many years now: A line breaks the whole page, then you need to separate the elements by a width and height, then the line breaks and you have an anchor tag that points to a certain element.

I think that’s the most intuitive way of writing a line break, and I think it would be nice to have that for a standard that is actually easy to use and easier to understand.

Another pattern that I’m going to look at is something called borderless text.

The idea behind borderless is that it’s much easier to style text when it has a background, but if you want a specific font, you can’t style the text by itself, so you have to specify the font in CSS, and then you have two fonts, one for the background and one for your text.

That’s kind of the basic idea.

Another thing I’m not sure of is the usefulness of a CSS 3-based style sheet.

CSS 2 has a very well-defined way of describing how you want to style a style sheet, but CSS 3 doesn’t do that.

So, I haven’t seen that pattern, and now that I have a good understanding of how CSS works, I don’t know how to use a CSS3-based styling language.

I haven’s been using a different one for a while now, but I haven’ t found that pattern that’s really useful.

The other pattern I’m looking for is a mix of CSS 1 and CSS 2.

That pattern is: You have a CSS property, a style, and you put it on top of another CSS property.

For example, you have a borderless font.

You can have a text property that you put on top and then add a border property.

The text is in a different position from the other CSS properties, so that it can have an effect on the rest of the page.

You use it as a way to style the whole website.

This is the pattern I think CSS 3 has a lot of potential to complement.

There is a lot to like about CSS 3.

It’s the first CSS standard, so it has the power to change how people use websites.

There’s some good ideas and some cool techniques, but there’s a lot that’s still up for debate, and this is just one of those areas.

There has been some great work done on CSS 3, but that doesn’t mean that we can all use CSS 3 today.

For starters, it might not be the best choice for your specific project.

Some of the things that CSS 3 does well are: It’s very clear.

If your design is very specific, you might not have the ability to write it.

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