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CLEVELAND, Ohio — The number of Americans earning the master’s degree in computer science has doubled over the past decade, to more than 14 million.

But for many of the nation’s top schools, the shortage of qualified computer scientists has led to a patchwork of training programs.

That’s a problem for the hundreds of schools that have been struggling with shortages of computer science graduates.

The Ohio Department of Education recently awarded the first master’s of computer-science degree program in the country, offering a bachelor’s degree to anyone with a bachelor of science degree.

The Columbus Dispatch has learned that the program is expected to open this fall at Ohio State University.

The state is one of just five states to offer the program, with the others: Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and North Carolina.

The Ohio program, the first of its kind, will open in 2017.

For the next six years, students can take online courses from the University of Dayton.

Students can take up to nine credits from the Ohio Department for College and Career Development, which is a part of the state’s public higher education system.

The school’s website says the program will provide a computer science curriculum for students from kindergarten through the postsecondary graduation.

The program also offers an online version of the Ohio Computer Science curriculum, which includes the core materials and practical applications for the computer science fields.

Students must complete at least one course from the computer-programming school, but they can take more than one.

The curriculum will be used in class discussions and online learning activities.

The department says the curriculum is geared toward students who are interested in a career in software engineering or information technology, and are looking for a career that prepares them for a future in business or government.

The Department for Education has also created a new state program called the Computer Science Education Program, which will provide training to anyone interested in computer-related careers.

It offers the same training for computer-systems and computing students, but students can also take the courses in their local area.

The state has also made significant investments in training computer scientists, including hiring more than 100 computer scientists and engineers.

The Department of Commerce and Technology, the state agency that oversees the state computer-industry, also has hired a dozen computer-technology workers in the past year, and is currently recruiting more people to the agency.

The new computer-sci program will include a curriculum focused on the areas of computer programming, networking, computer networking, and computer systems.

The program will also focus on developing professional skills, such as computer security and the application of technology to solve real-world problems.

The school is one example of how computer-tech training programs can be valuable.

The industry has grown exponentially since the early 2000s, and companies like Google, Facebook and Apple have been investing heavily in computer technology.

But the lack of qualified experts in computer scientists is hindering job creation in the field, and the government is trying to fill the gap.

A study by the consulting firm McKinsey & Company found that the number of computer scientists hired in 2016 dropped from 5.4% of all STEM workers to 2.3%.

The report cited several factors, including a shortage of computer engineers, the aging of the workforce and an overall slowing of the economy.

In the last two years, the number is up again, McKinsey reported, with 3.5% of computer workers employed.

The study added that the U.S. workforce is now at its lowest level since the 1970s.

The report cited data from the National Science Foundation and the Bureau of Labor Statistics that found that there were only 4.2 million computer scientists in the U, and about half of them were men.

But with an increasing number of students pursuing degrees in computer sciences, the Ohio program is helping to bridge the gap between the demand for computer scientists on the one hand, and graduates from other fields on the other.

The computer-sci program was created to address the shortage, and will include courses from colleges like the University at Buffalo, the University, Ohio State, and Ohio State.

Students who complete the program can earn a bachelor or master’s in computer systems engineering or computer science.

The degree will be awarded by the school.

The courses will be taught by computer-engineering faculty.

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