How to hire the best web designer in Toronto

When you want to hire a web designer for your website, you can’t simply choose the best one out of the hundreds of people available.

Instead, you need to research the web designer’s background, qualifications, and skills.

If you don’t have access to the right resources, the only way to find the best Web Designer is to find a professional.

To help you do that, we’ve put together a list of the top Web Designers in Toronto that you should check out before hiring one.


Jason Smith, Web Designer for The Ritz Carlton Toronto, Canada Jason Smith has been a web design professional for more than 15 years, having started his career as a Web Designer in Toronto.

Since then, he has worked with companies across the globe, as well as helping companies around the world with their online marketing efforts. 

His passion for designing and creating websites has led him to a career as an independent web designer and business development professional.

He is currently the head of design for the Ritz-Carlton Toronto, which is the world’s largest entertainment venue. 


Ryan Moore, Web Designer at Soho Toronto, Australia Ryan Moore is the head web designer at SOHO, a Toronto-based company that specializes in the design of interactive online entertainment websites.

His client base includes brands such as Universal Pictures, Walt Disney, and Disney Animation, as you can see in the video below. 


Matt Brown, Web Director at The Biz Center Toronto, Ontario, Canada Matt Brown is the co-founder and director of the Biz Centre, a leading online design and development company in the Greater Toronto Area.

He has been creating online content for more to than 70 years, and is passionate about his craft.

He loves creating websites for both corporate clients and individuals, and he loves sharing his work with others. 


Ryan Meehan, Web Developer at E.C.B., Vancouver, Canada Ryan Miehan has been working in the web design industry since 2010.

He started out as a web developer at Ecolab and has since moved to a web management and development role with Ecolabs.

He currently runs his own company, Ecolaborations, which has a focus on web design and content management. 


Michael Karp, Senior Web Designer for Avant Garde, Toronto, Michael Karp has been in the industry for over 10 years, working in a variety of roles, from web designer to product manager. 

He currently leads the design team at AvantGarde, a creative agency that specializes to creating high-quality interactive web design. 


Peter Vaknin, Web Programmer, Web Manager, and Designer at Odeo, Toronto Peter Vakinn is the owner and CEO of Odeom, a web development agency with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

He began working at E-commerce company e-commerce platform Odeon in 2009, and was hired by E-Bay in 2010. 


Eric Ziegler, Web Project Lead at Mondo Toronto, Toronto , Canada Eric Zieglin is the web project lead for Mondo, a social and creative content and mobile development agency based in Toronto specializing in mobile development and interactive content.

He joined the agency in 2014 after working at the social and content development agency e-Commerce for nearly 15 years. 


Michael J. Pincus, Senior web designer & web designer developer at The Pincushion, Toronto Michael Pincuss is the Senior web design developer at The Pincrushion, a Canadian web development company based in the city of Toronto. 


Christopher McLeod, Senior Designer at The Lighthouse Group, Toronto Christopher McLennon has been designing websites for over 13 years.

He grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, and has been passionate about developing creative and web applications for clients in both Toronto and Vancouver. 


Mark Smith, Director of Digital Marketing at T-Mobile Toronto, City of Toronto Mark Smith has spent his career working in digital marketing, and the first step in that role is creating a website.

He previously spent 10 years at TMC, an independent Toronto-listed technology company that produces, distributes, and markets mobile and mobile device software. 


David W. Dabney, Senior Design Engineer, Toronto Dabneys Design Engineer and Web Design Manager has been responsible for all digital design and digital media content for TMC since 2012.

He was hired in 2016 to help with the site redesign and branding, as part of the launch of the TMC website, which launched in May of 2016. 


Eric Van Lierop, Web Content Developer at Aire, Toronto The Aire Web Content and Design Developer has been doing web design for a decade now, having previously worked at The Canadian Media Lab at

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