Missouri to allow use of virtual reality in home office – Fox News

MASSACHUSETTS — A new law will allow the state of Missouri to open up its home office to the virtual reality industry.

The bill, approved Wednesday by the House of Representatives and Senate, was approved by the full Senate this month.

It passed by a margin of 56-47 in the Senate and 46-36 in the House.

It’s a long way from being the first state to allow home office employees to utilize VR headsets.

It’s the first time VR has been used in the state.

The new legislation allows virtual reality to be used for home offices.

It would allow employees to work on projects in a virtual space, or virtual room.

It could be used to work from home, or from a shared workspace with coworkers.

The legislation has the backing of state Rep. Mike Smith, R-Canton, and Sen. Mike Wier, D-Milwaukee.

The House passed the bill with bipartisan support, which includes Smith and Wier.

Smith and Wiers have introduced bills to expand home office VR and open it up to other industries.

The bills have passed both chambers, but have yet to get to the Senate.

Smith said that virtual reality is the future of the workplace, especially in a time of high unemployment.

“We have people working from home for the first times, people who don’t even know how to use a mouse or a keyboard.

I think the first thing we need to do is to get them out of the office,” he said.

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