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CNN — CNN’s “Accessibility Web Design” series explores the digital challenges faced by people with disabilities, using the most recent technology to see how they interact with web pages and apps.

The series, which runs through Aug. 6, explores the challenges faced when it comes to accessibility in an effort to promote the digital economy.CNN’s accessibility web design series, Accessibility Web, focuses on accessibility, web accessibility, digital literacy, and the digital future.CNN has created a series called “Accessible Web Design for Everyone” that explores how people with a range of disabilities can make their own digital designs using technology.

CNN Accessibility Program Executive Producer Michelle Boorstein said the series focuses on “what the world needs to know about how people can use technology and the web to reach their full potential.”

“Accessibility is the first and foremost priority for accessibility,” Boorsteinsaid.

“The digital economy is evolving and requires all users to be accessible to be fully engaged.”

The series is one of several digital series CNN has created this year to explore the digital world.

CNN has launched “Accessibly and Work Smart,” a series exploring the intersection of digital and physical work.

CNN’s “The Digital Story” series aims to connect people with diverse backgrounds with the stories and insights they need to understand how technology can make the world better.

In addition to its “Accessiblity Web Design,” CNN has also created a special digital content and outreach project called “How We Are Connected” that features stories and interactive videos from CNN and other organizations on the web, which are designed to help people better understand their digital world and how it’s changing.CNN Digital has also launched “How to Start a Business Online,” a platform for people to launch their own businesses online.

CNN also is launching a special project for the 2016 Oscars, “How To Build Your Own Podcast,” with special guest hosts like Rob Reiner, Ellen DeGeneres and others.CNN and the Accessibility Industry have partnered on the “Accessability” project to explore how accessibility can help make a positive difference in people’s lives, CNN said in a statement.

The series,, will air weekly from Aug. 5-10 on CNN.

It is available to watch on CNN, and CNN Mobile.

The “Accessibilities” series will also be available for free on the CNN App.

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