How to make a ‘superhero’ web design

I can’t think of any other profession that requires a complete mastery of Photoshop.

For my freelance web design work, I’ve spent countless hours on Photoshop in the past few years, but in the last year I’ve become more adept at creating bespoke web designs.

If you’ve ever been inspired by the way a website or magazine design looks, then you can make your own.

For example, when I first started designing the logo for my local coffee shop, I spent hours trying to find an image that was exactly right for the logo.

As the logo progressed, I realised that it would be a good fit for a series of comics that would go on to appear on the website.

The comic, “Tales of the Geek”, was inspired by comics, so I created a series featuring my favourite comics and created a logo for each of them.

The logo is very simple, but it still looks pretty awesome.

Here’s how I did it.

A simple logo template, with the comics logo and a few more elements The first step is to find a simple template that will allow you to make your logo in a variety of sizes.

I’ve included a simple logo for a comic called “Tale of the Teenage Geek” that’s easy to download and print out, and a simple one for my own blog that’s also easy to print out.

To print the template out, I used a digital drawing program called Inkjet.

For the logo, I chose a large-size image for the comic.

To save this image, I simply scaled the image down to the size I needed for my logo.

For a comic logo, the smaller the better, so the smaller image should be at least 15% larger than the comic image.

Once I had my logo, it was time to add the other elements to the template.

To do this, I went back to the Image-On-Demand template I had used to create the logo and added the elements that would be used in the comics.

I also used a simple white background and used a small brush to draw the character outlines on the page.

To make it more usable, I added some black outlines to the edges of the page and the top-right corner.

This was also to allow for more details on the logo to be added later.

To finish off the logo template: I then used Photoshop to resize the image to a smaller size.

I chose to use an image size of 8pt and the layer style was Layer Mask.

This allowed me to create an alpha mask for the image that made it smaller.

I then drew the text in black on top of the mask, using a little bit of brush work.

After that, I did a simple mask for each element and then added a line of black to the top of each element to make it easier to see.

Finally, I applied a small gradient to the outline of the logo on the bottom of the comic page to make the logo look more like a logo.

After I finished creating my logo and the other images, I decided to share it on Twitter with the tag #MyNewWebsite.

I wanted to share my new logo with as many people as possible and, if they liked it, I could use it as the logo of their new website.

You can find the comic’s logo on Inkjet, here.

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