What the ‘f-word’ means in Richmond, California

Richmond, CA — The word “f-bomb” is one of the most popular words on Twitter, but the hashtag that has gotten the most attention is “#marcisoccer.”

The #marcisesoccer hashtag is not only a hashtag, but also a hashtag created by @marcizr, who is a former player for the University of Richmond.

The hashtag is also being used by other members of the @marcsoccer twitter account, including @marcasoccer, @marceracademy, @marioccer and @mccallum.

The hashtag was created in response to an article by the Richmond Times-Dispatch that highlighted the racial profiling and mistreatment of players in the NFL.

In response to the article, @MarcisOCcer posted this tweet: “Hey @RichmondTimesDispatch, what you did to me was wrong, but I don’t care.

I’m still here.


This hashtag was quickly picked up by others, including former Richmond Tiger and current @marCeltics forward James Worthy.

The former player, who played for the Tiger from 2011-13, tweeted: “What the f-word means in my hometown?

A racist white man is going to be lynched tomorrow.


MarcCeltic, the hashtag’s creator, later clarified that he is not referring to the actual lynching, but to “white supremacist violence” directed at black [email protected] responded to the outrage on Twitter: “I am a person, not a hashtag.

It is important that I am treated fairly and equitably, and that this kind of hateful behavior never happens again.


The Richmond Times Dispatch article was published on May 17, 2018.

This post was updated on July 15, 2018, to include the hashtag.

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