When it comes to local web design, what is the best approach?

A new report has revealed the top 10 local web designers out there, which can be considered as an indication of the type of expertise in local web development.

While most of the designers were based in the US, China, and India, the report also reveals that the UK and Australia have the highest number of local web developers.

The report comes in the wake of the Brexit vote and the rise of the populist right in the United Kingdom, and is being touted by a number of politicians as a means to curb the growing influence of populist, nationalist, and even racist movements.

The Top 10 local designers in the UK according to the report includes the designers of the iconic BBC web design team.

The designers, who have been working on the BBC for more than 20 years, are credited with creating a modern and effective design that is not only inspiring the BBC’s audience, but also has the ability to engage and educate people in ways that have never been possible before.

Among the other notable local designers included in the report is designer and blogger Simon Davies, who is credited with popularising the phrase ‘don’t believe everything you see on the internet’ in 2013, while British architect and designer Alan Ochsner also gained notoriety for his work with the BBC, creating a design system that has become known as ‘the most complex ever’.

This year, the top local designers are expected to make an appearance at this year’s British Web Design Awards, and they are expected by some to win the awards for their work. 

The report, which was compiled by a panel of designers and developers, also reveals the most influential local web designer in the world, with the following three being named as ‘Best’ in the top 100 local web sites: The London Design Foundation is the biggest UK web design and development organization, and has worked with hundreds of organisations over the years to create a global network of leading local web companies and services.

Their website states that ‘we work to support, inspire, and support local businesses and local teams to grow their businesses and services, in partnership with our global network’. 

The list of the Top 10 most influential designers in UK web development is comprised of four UK based designers and three Chinese designers, with designer and developer Simon Davies being named the best local designer in 2017. 

This is the fifth time that the BBC has selected a local designer to represent them in the annual event, and it was announced earlier this year that they will again be doing so this year.

Top 10 UK web designers of 2017

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