When you’re a professional florid architect, your first job is always to design your home

By Kate K. JohnsonSeptember 26, 2018, 12:00:55This week’s issue of The Sport Biblical includes an exclusive look at the home page of the Florsheim Flux, the most famous of its kind in the United States.

It’s a project that started as a home office of sorts, with the aim of providing a space for the home office to be “designed and built in a way that it can be easily accessed by everyone, regardless of background.”

This was a vision shared by Florsheimer Architects, the architects behind the iconic Florsham house that sits in the center of a large plaza in downtown Phoenix.

Florsheim was built in the mid-1950s as a temporary home for Florshelberg’s father, who was unable to make it to work in the city due to a severe case of polio.

But the home had become a kind of “living museum” in its own right.

When the family moved into Florsburg in 1959, the new family was still living in the house.

“It became a living museum,” said Florshelli Architects director Mike Florsheys, a former senior vice president at the city of Phoenix and now a professor at Arizona State University.

“When we built the house, the goal was to make the house an opportunity for the family to see themselves and to share the experience and have an opportunity to interact with the other residents.”

After several attempts, the family agreed to move into the home, which was located in the Flouringsburg section of downtown Phoenix, a few blocks away from the city’s downtown core.

But after the family died, the house became vacant.

It was finally renovated in 2004 and the new owner took over.

This time, Florshen Architects decided to focus on a more contemporary style.

“Our design philosophy has always been to create a space that is beautiful, that is contemporary and that has that ‘florid’ feel,” Florshei said.

“The design of the house was the result of many years of hard work and careful planning.

The design was intended to provide a space to explore and to be accessible to the entire family.”

In order to create the perfect home, Floris Architects designed a series of rooms that were designed to mimic the architecture of a real estate office building.

The interior of the home has been updated with new materials and a new layout, but the layout remains the same.

“We wanted to make sure that the space was comfortable and that we were able to have the room to the extent we could, without disrupting the flow of the space,” Florides said.

To create the home’s layout, the team made sure that each room had the exact same height and width, and that the overall layout was in line with the house’s original design.

“If we were to build the house again, we would be able to do that by taking the exact design that we did in the first house, and then making it better, and making it much larger,” Florian said.

This would mean that the layout would be more consistent and that more space would be available to the family.

To help the design team make sure the home would fit the original architect’s plans, they designed the interior with an open plan plan that allows for different layouts of rooms to accommodate different rooms.

The layout was also meant to allow the home to be customized, so that each family member could easily find their space.

“Our goal was that the home be a place where you could have a meeting, a meeting and a family event, but not a lot of clutter,” Floresheys said.

The new home also includes an outdoor kitchen that has been transformed into a lounge.

“There’s a great sense of place to it, and we wanted to really make it feel like it was part of the neighborhood,” Florenys said, adding that the design was also designed to fit into the surrounding landscape.

Florides hopes that his design will inspire other architects to do the same, adding, “I think the Floursheim house is a wonderful example of a home that is able to incorporate all of its parts into one building.”

This article originally appeared in The Sports Bible.

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