Why is the new Microsoft logo boring?

A couple of years ago, when Microsoft unveiled its new logo, it was greeted with a mix of excitement and trepidation.

The company had finally launched its new design language, designed to blend the modern web and the classic desktop.

The result was something that resembled a cross between an old Microsoft logo and a cartoon bird.

The design was reminiscent of the look of a Disney cartoon, but with a decidedly modern feel.

Microsoft’s logo had a lot of similarities with the one from its previous incarnation, including a red circle that symbolized the Internet.

Microsoft executives hoped that by making a more modern, contemporary version of the logo, they would be able to appeal to a younger audience and, ultimately, win back more of the traditional desktop.

The results of the test, however, didn’t quite match the company’s expectations.

In the year since the company first announced the new logo design, the company has lost its previous web design crown to rival Apple and Google.

That’s because Apple and other competitors have used the same color palette, a more muted, cartoonish look.

The new logo has a much darker, cartoony look to it, with a darker, more dramatic font, and a bolder color palette.

It’s also much more saturated.

In fact, the new version of Microsoft’s design looks like something you’d see in a Disney movie, with all the classic cartoonish elements like the red circle and bird in the center.

Microsoft’s new logo looks a lot like the original Microsoft logo, with the red arrow in the middle, and the words Microsoft in the lower-left corner.

The old logo was also a much more subdued, cartoon style.

The new logo also has a more cartoonish, cartoon-ish look to its color palette and font.

The logo has become a big hit in social media and among tech enthusiasts who are used to seeing a more saturated, cartoon design.

The Microsoft logo is the second-most-popular logo on Twitter and Facebook, according to a study by the Brandwatch blog.

The study found that Microsoft’s brand had become a “top-tier brand” in the past year.

Microsoft has also become a favorite of the tech community for having a great product, including the Windows Phone platform, Cortana, and Bing.

But, for many in the tech industry, the logo also represents Microsoft’s corporate image and the way it is perceived.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the company will continue to invest in the design and make sure it continues to look good.

“We are going to continue to make sure that the new look of the Microsoft brand looks good, and it’s going to have a very positive impact on how we are perceived in our communities,” Nadell said.

“The logo has taken the top spot for the most-liked logo in the last year,” said Richard Anderson, senior vice president of research at Brandwatch.

“It is really good that people are using it.

But there is still much work to be done to make it a better and more compelling look.”

The Microsoft logo has already made it onto Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

The New York Times reports that more than 30 percent of all users on Twitter are familiar with the Microsoft logo.

And the company even has a mascot, the Bing Bing Bird.

The bird is a bird that looks like the logo.

But it also has its own Twitter account.

It has a funny name and tweets in a cute style.

Google’s logo is a little different.

It looks like a big white letter A, with two dots and a circle.

It also has an animated Twitter account, which is pretty cool.

And it has its very own mascot.

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