How to design a Web that’s more appealing to your audience

In a recent post on Medium, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg suggested that designers can learn a lot about what works best for a user.

She went on to suggest that the company’s new advertising platform, Adsense, could be used to create more engaging ads on mobile devices.

Sandberg’s advice was backed up by an infographic created by Adsense’s new CEO, Jonathan Zitner, that shows how Adsense has worked to improve mobile advertising across different platforms.

Here’s what Zitners data shows: Adsense users tend to prefer a high-quality, visually engaging video and are more likely to read articles than those with lower ad quality, ZitNER writes.

Users tend to be more engaged when they see an ad that is both relevant and interesting.

Users are more interested in seeing an ad with high-action video.

Adsense now offers over 4,000 video and audio ads, with more than 2 million active users.

Users who see the most video ads also have the highest engagement, Zitsner says.

“We can’t wait to see what’s coming next,” Ziters infographic reads.

AdSense also provides a way for users to create personalized ads, which can be customized to fit a user’s preferences.

Advertisers are encouraged to include as much context as possible, such as product names, brand names, or other company names, in their ads, Zittner says, adding that he believes this will allow users to easily distinguish between different brands and brands.

“It will make your ads stand out, especially for a brand that doesn’t have many video ads,” Zittners says.

Zitters infographic also suggests that video ads should include a pop-up for users who are viewing ads, or a small snippet of a video to give them an opportunity to click through to the main ad.

This will help people who are not interested in the video ads see more of them.

“The next step is for us to make sure that people get a real experience when they click on the ad,” Zitsers infographic concludes.

Zitters data also suggests users have higher engagement rates when watching ads that are more engaging.

“Our data shows that people are much more engaged, both when they’re viewing a video and when they can see the ad itself,” Zitschner says of the Adsense data.

Zitsners infographic also points out that videos have been shown to be an important part of peoples lives for thousands of years, with a link to the Wikipedia article showing that videos were played in the top three most viewed videos on Facebook in 2014.

“Ads are one of the main ways that people interact with brands and content,” Zitters infographic concludes, noting that Adsense will also be offering new ways to make ads more personalized in the coming months.

“With Adsense and Adsense for Android, we are creating a more personal experience for users, giving them more control over how their ads are displayed,” Zitzner says in a press release.

The infographic has been updated to include Adsense statistics on Adsense revenues and user numbers.

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