When the city of Clearwater lost its city council members to the state

Posted September 13, 2018 07:10:53When the city council of Clearwaters in Florida lost its council members in the state on Friday, the mayor told ABC News, it was because the city had lost its ability to govern itself.

The city was one of three cities in Florida that have been forced to seek a court order to change the way it handles city government, a move that was meant to force the state to reform how it regulates cities and counties.

The Florida legislature and the governor have also said that the state’s new law needs to be more flexible, and the state could take action through a state constitutional amendment.

In his press release announcing the council’s demise, Mayor Jim Smith said the council was “trying to move away from a traditional model where we can’t govern ourselves.”

But the council members’ departure came as no surprise.

In his press statement announcing the city’s demise , Smith said he was “aware of the concerns and the challenges” the city faced.

He also said he would have liked to see the council come to a compromise.

We had a great relationship with the city, he said.

We want to make sure that we are going to have the right people running the city and that the council is doing the right thing and that we have the people that we need to govern this city.

The council was created in March 2017 and is charged with implementing Florida’s new legislation that requires all municipalities to adopt a written bylaw governing their operations.

But after the state legislature passed the bill, the council voted to strip the council of the power to create its own bylaws and instead imposed a written rule that local governments must follow.

It’s now up to the Florida Supreme Court to decide if the council can appeal the councils decision.

Florida’s constitution allows the legislature to pass laws without a referendum.

But it’s not clear if the Florida legislature will pass a law again.

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