Thai web design winner is a real life superhero, but the rest of the world is still trying to figure out how to take her title seriously

The winner of the 2018 Thai web designing awards, Thanasit Vongchaiwan, is a local web designer who’s helped her country transform from an agrarian to a modern, digitally literate society.

And she’s had a lot of help from her friends.

For more than a decade, Thasit has been helping other local web designers build a thriving local tech and tech startups scene, where her online presence helps connect them to a wider community.

And that community has been a lot more than just her own.

Thasits husband is a lawyer in Bangkok, where the couple lives with their son and daughter.

They are also friends with other designers who are also from Thailand, and the couple has helped other designers find a home here, too.

For years, Thaits husband and her friends have been hosting a Web Design Competition, which is part of her new job as an associate at Google’s Thailand office.

It’s a chance to meet other designers and share their stories about their experiences and learn how to get things done in Thailand.

Thaisit says her team is a team of friends who help her get things right and who are constantly in touch with the local tech community.

We have this incredible network, and we share all of the ideas we have.

And then we talk to people.

She says it’s a great way to learn more about the local talent that is building businesses in Thailand, which has helped her grow in the industry.

And in 2017, her team won a web design competition sponsored by Microsoft that was open to anyone in the world.

And Thait won first place.

But her win wasn’t just about the awards.

It was also about Thaisits own experience, as she explains.

I went to the event with my colleagues.

We had been working on our designs for a year, and then the day before, we were asked to come to a Microsoft conference.

The team had been designing a product called “Web Designer,” a website where you can easily upload your designs, create a portfolio and get paid.

So it was a very difficult day.

And we were on our way to the conference when we saw this huge sign that said, “You are invited to the Microsoft Technology Conference.”

And it was an event about web design.

I knew that this was a really cool event, and it was sponsored by the Microsoft brand.

And I wanted to go.

And so I sat down and thought, I am going to attend, and I was going to make it a good day.

So I came and sat in the Microsoft booth, and they invited me to be the keynote speaker.

And of course, the whole event was great, and my presentation was really good.

So that was a big deal.

But then the second day, the conference started and I realized that I was not the best speaker, because I had to be in the middle of all of this conference.

I was at the front of this room.

So they invited everyone else to come, and after about an hour and a half, I was asked to give a talk.

And the people at Microsoft, who were all very nice, were very polite and very kind.

And at the end of my talk, I said, I would like to share my experiences with them, because they were very nice to me.

And they were saying, this is really nice, and thank you very much.

And it’s the same with people in the tech community in Thailand: I want to share this experience with you, so that you can build better relationships.

And people have really welcomed it.

It is a great community, and that’s really why it’s such a good community.

It has a lot to offer, and Thas it has been an amazing experience.

Thaittai is the name of a Thai mountain region in the south of Thailand.

The word means “mountain country.”

Its also the name for the southern border between Thailand and Burma, and also the border between Burma and Myanmar.

Thats where Thas a large number of people come to visit and work.

Thai people speak a lot about the mountains and the forests.

And when I first started designing in Thailand a lot was happening there, like Thas is a place where I was learning to code.

So when I was coming up with my first designs, it was really easy for me to get a sense of how different the country was.

So Thas was really, really cool to me, and so it was nice to see.

The people who come here, they all share the same dream, the same sense of the mountains.

I came here to work in Thailand as a professional designer, and all of these people came to see how I was creating something.

And also the people that I’ve met in the web design

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