Web designers are increasingly designing for the mobile web—and their work is coming to iOS too

An increasing number of web designers are using the iPad as their primary mobile device, creating web designs for all major platforms.

That trend has spawned a new class of responsive web designers who have been working on responsive web design for a long time.

And now, they’re getting a platform to help them do it.

In a recent post on Medium, Daniele Boccato of DigitalOcean says the platform’s new Responsive Design platform will enable designers to work with their favorite web apps on the iPad.

It will be free for designers, but will require paid users to pay.

That’s where this all comes in.

The platform, called Responsive Web Design, was first unveiled in October 2015, and the site has since gained some attention.

The site features a “recycled” version of the same mobile-friendly design style, but with more of a focus on mobile-specific elements like text boxes and images.

The app has also updated its design guidelines to reflect iOS 6’s design changes.

The platform was also recently voted by iOS users in a survey.

In short, it’s a nice little tweak to help web designers get started on a new platform that could serve as a great way to get their work into iOS.

The new Responsively Design platform is a collaboration between digital agency Kaleo and digital designer Ben Brumm.

They partnered up to create a new app called “Reactable Web Design,” which will be available in early 2017 for free.

The new app has a similar feel to Responsively Web Design on the desktop.

In addition to the responsive design platform, it will include a bunch of other tools to help designers build their designs for mobile.

Boccato explains that the new platform will include an editor, a grid editor, and a layout editor.

All of the tools will work on both iOS and Android devices.

The grid editor is particularly interesting, as it allows designers to use a grid for their designs.

When you create a grid, you can drag and drop elements to align them.

For example, you could drag a box around a block of text.

The layout editor allows you to make a grid of blocks, or add text around a section of content.

The editor allows designers a lot of flexibility.

The tools can be used to make mobile apps, web apps, and even standalone apps.

Boccatto says that designers will be able to “create stunning responsive web designs that are easily customizable and adaptable to each platform.”

The site will be open for beta testers through July, and will be ready for release when it launches in June.

If you’re looking for an easy way to start designing for iOS, you might want to give it a try.

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