When I Go to Work I’m Doing My Own Web Design, But I’m Still a Professional—Now I’m a Web Designer

I’ve been working at a website for about a year now, and it’s become one of my favourite jobs. 

I’ve been on staff for a year, and I’ve seen lots of changes in the last year. 

Now that I’ve gone full-time, I’ve decided to start doing my own design work. 

Here are my tips for starting your own design studio: 1. 

Start small. 

There’s nothing wrong with starting your design studio with a small team. 

It’s a great way to get started and learn, but start small.

You’ll need to build up to about three people and a few months before you plan to expand. 

For me, the first two months were just trying to build out my team and see what I could make, and then once I had my team, I’d start to see where things could take me. 2. 

Get comfortable. 

The more you learn about web design and how to work with your team, the better you’ll get. 

If you’re not comfortable doing your own work, you’ll struggle when it comes to working with other people. 


Ask for help. 

When you’re doing your design, you’re in charge of your design and the process of putting it together. 

That means you have to ask for help from other people, whether it’s from a design studio or a freelancer. 


Make a point of learning. 

This is really important. 

You have to learn to listen to your customers and to what they want. 

People will come to you because they want something and you have a responsibility to help them. 


Know what to ask your clients for. 

Sometimes, if you ask your client for something and your clients don’t get what you want, you know you should ask them for it. 6. 

Pay attention to feedback. 

Even if you’re working on a website, it’s important to pay attention to the feedback you get from your clients. 

Your clients are the ones who are likely to ask you for feedback and that means they’re probably the ones you need to be listening to. 7. 

Be creative. 

Being creative is one of the biggest mistakes people make when they start their own business. 

Instead of making a big idea, start small and find the best solution. 

What you need from your team is a good set of skills, but if you don’t have the right tools to make that happen, you might end up with a lot of frustration. 


Learn the craft of the web designer. 

Once you’re a web designer, you can do whatever you want on your own. 

However, the best way to learn the craft is to get feedback from your customers. 

So when you start working on your web design career, get in touch with other web designers and see if they have similar needs. 


Create an online presence. 

As a designer, it helps to have a website you can easily navigate to and share with other designers. 

Find a way to make it easy for others to reach you. 


Focus on your customers first. 

Every designer knows that they have to deliver a product that people will buy, so it’s really important to focus on what your customers want and what you can deliver. 


Don’t be afraid to fail. 

At first, you may think you can’t do this. 

But you can if you just focus on the things you want to do. 12. 

Take risks. 

Failure is not a bad thing. 

In fact, if it helps you to do your work better, it will give you more time to grow and learn. 


Choose your own path. 

One of the most important things you can learn from your experience is that the world isn’t a static place. 

Different people’s needs will be different and you can choose how to create a website and your style. 


Work smarter, not harder. 

Most of the design mistakes I’ve made have been things I was doing wrong. 

Designing is a process, not a sprint. 

We can work on our design as long as we’re focused on the task at hand. 


Use your time wisely. 

Many designers are lazy and work a lot in a short amount of time. 

Having time for work, even if it’s not on your website, is incredibly valuable. 


Set goals and stick to them. 

 There’s no wrong way to work, but I’d suggest sticking to your goals and working towards them.

You’ll learn more if you do that. 


Have a life outside the web. Some of

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