Why do hockey players wear masks?

JANE WERTH, The Associated Press – As fans continue to wear masks to combat the virus that has infected nearly 100,000 people in the U.S., some are wondering if the move will make sense.

Some fans say it could encourage others to try the infection-prevention measures that are common among sports fans.

But the NFL has already banned players from wearing masks.

And the National Hockey League has told players they won’t wear masks until they are sure they are no longer contagious.

Here’s why it makes sense for NHL players to wear protective gear:1.

Fans are safer.

Players who play in games in which they can get a head-to-head against the virus will wear protective equipment and can be treated for a virus-related illness.

In some cases, the NHL has said players will be sent home if they are confirmed to have a virus.2.

More people are vaccinated.

The number of people infected in the United States has grown by almost half since the start of the pandemic in early March, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The number of confirmed cases has jumped to 8,400 from 2,800.

But more people are getting vaccinated each day, and the virus has slowed down the spread.

In addition to being able to keep up with the spread, the players have more time to practice and stay home if needed, said Michael O’Sullivan, a former NHL player and current NHL player relations executive.

And if the NHL decided to move players to other leagues and back to the United Nations, it would make sense, O’Connell said.

If the league was to move them, it wouldn’t have to make them wear masks.3.

Players would have more opportunities to develop skills.

There are many more people who are infected with the virus than there are players.

Players who have not played at a high level in the past might have more chances of getting the virus.

They can also become more confident, which would make them more prepared for the upcoming games.4.

Fans will be more attentive to the safety of the players.

When fans can see their team is in danger, they will show more attention to their health.

In addition, when fans are able to see players getting sick, they may become more aware of their health and get better, said Dr. Stephen O’Brien, a clinical professor of infectious diseases at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Players can wear masks at games to protect themselves, but they should wear them at home, not in stadiums or on the ice, O’tSullivan said.5.

The cost of the masks would drop.

The cost of wearing a mask is about $100 per season, which is about a third of what a regular hockey jersey would cost.

There are other health benefits to wearing a protective gear, including less risk of spreading the virus, O’sullivan said.

But O’Connor said if a team decided to go the mask route, the cost would have to drop to somewhere around $20.

“There are other things that could be cheaper,” O’sullson said.6.

Players could get to see the team they play on.

A team would have the opportunity to see a team that is currently infected at home during the game, and then they could see the players they play against in the games.

And that would be more than the risk of wearing masks, he said.7.

It could help keep teams from spending money on unnecessary protective gear.

Most of the costs for protective gear for the NHL come from players, O`Connor said.

But when the cost is added to the price of a mask, it makes more sense, he added.

The NFL is one of the leagues that has not mandated that players wear a mask.

But some teams are already doing so.

The Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills have made helmets mandatory for every player on their rosters.

The New York Rangers have mandated that all players wear full-body protective gear during practice, which includes helmets, protective gloves and goggles.

The team has also banned players to be at home at all times during games.

The league has not announced when teams would have full-face helmets for the season, although it is expected to be ready by late June.

But it could be sometime in September, according the league.

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