Web Design, Web Design Blogs and Bloggers are on the brink

Now Playing: How Facebook and Google helped Donald Trump win the White House Now Playing, How Facebook, Google and Twitter helped Donald J. Trump win 2016 Now Playing What’s the difference between Facebook and Twitter?Now Playing Trump administration asks US senators to review Facebook privacy policies Now Playing President Donald Trump asks US Senate to […]

How to get more web traffic in your local market

In 2016, the web was dominated by a handful of companies, including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.Today, there are hundreds of thousands of online services, ranging from social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to content creators and news aggregators like BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post.With a new generation of platforms coming online, it’s time to […]

Why do hockey players wear masks?

JANE WERTH, The Associated Press – As fans continue to wear masks to combat the virus that has infected nearly 100,000 people in the U.S., some are wondering if the move will make sense.Some fans say it could encourage others to try the infection-prevention measures that are common among sports fans.But the NFL has already […]

How to design your own website using WordPress

The idea behind a WordPress site is to put together an interface that makes it easy for people to find your site.There are a number of different ways to do this, but if you’ve ever had to do a web design portfolio then you know that it’s no easy task.If you’ve got a few years’ […]

How to start a web design company in the US

The internet is changing everything.As technology improves and consumers increasingly turn to social media and mobile apps to get information, the business world is going through a massive upheaval.In fact, it’s a shift we’re already seeing with the rise of “b2b” web design.The term refers to a web designer working solely for a company that […]

Web Design Education for the Web Is ‘Not Enough’

With a growing number of students graduating from college with web design degrees, the profession is being increasingly targeted by employers seeking skilled web designers, said Dan Satterfield, principal technologist with the trade association Web Designers and Engineers (WDE).Satterfield said web designers are “really not getting the training or the tools they need,” particularly if […]

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