How to get your own personal brand on the web

A personal brand can take many forms, and there are a few basic guidelines to follow.Here are some of them.Personal branding is a word that has come up in the tech industry quite a bit recently, and it comes with a lot of benefits for the consumer as well as the brand.You may not know […]

How Google’s AI bots can improve web design (in-depth)

Tech Insider article How Google AI bots are used to improve web designs.Google’s AI software has been used in a wide variety of projects over the years.Some of its biggest hits include the search engine optimization and recommendation engines that are now part of Google+ and Google Maps.Other projects include machine learning, image recognition and […]

‘Dreamweaver’ web design studio’s Dreamweaver logo on sale in Japan

JAPANESE web design firm Dreamweavers is getting a new look thanks to a collaboration with Tokyo-based design agency Tokyo-Kawaii.The new logo, which is a blend of Japanese and Japanese-styled shapes, is set to be displayed at Dreamweaving Japan’s upcoming “Dreamweavers” exhibit in Tokyo.Dreamweaves’ logo is an image of the Japanese word “Naniwa,” which means “dream.”The […]

How to design your own mobile app

A new trend in mobile app design has started to emerge in the past few years and it’s called “web design”.It involves a lot of web-based components, from a simple title bar to navigation bars, icons and a custom design that is based on the user’s own preferences and needs.With a little practice, this can […]

How to build a website with code and images

Web design code is used to ensure that a website looks and feels good.It’s also a way to make sure that users get what they want when they enter a website address.But in the case of websites, the codes can also be used to create websites that don’t look quite right.How to get started with […]

5 best Reddit designs for colorblind readers

The design community has been in a state of flux since Reddit’s decision to ban its own popular colorblind subreddit.For many, this is a huge victory.However, for some people, the ban is just the start.Reddit has become a destination for people who are colorblind.Some of the community’s most prominent moderators have been outspoken in their […]

Health insurance web design costs to be slashed in 2019

Health insurance websites in Australia are facing a dramatic reduction in their prices after the Federal Government announced it would slash the amount that people could be charged.The cost of health insurance is set to be reduced by up to 40 per cent, from $14,000 a year to $8,000, under a new price cap announced […]

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