How to build a web design business from scratch

A new breed of designer is entering the industry.Web designers are creating designs for products that range from apparel to toys and even websites.In fact, they’re starting to take on other types of work too.The latest trend: designing web sites for other websites.The process involves spending time designing and building a site from scratch, with […]

Thai web design winner is a real life superhero, but the rest of the world is still trying to figure out how to take her title seriously

The winner of the 2018 Thai web designing awards, Thanasit Vongchaiwan, is a local web designer who’s helped her country transform from an agrarian to a modern, digitally literate society.And she’s had a lot of help from her friends.For more than a decade, Thasit has been helping other local web designers build a thriving local […]

Which countries have the biggest web redesigns?

The United States, China, India and Russia are among the countries whose governments are making a push to boost their digital content in recent years.But while the U.S. has seen a steady stream of changes to its digital landscape over the past several years, China has been far more active.And while it has been slow […]

When is a site a site?

The Washington post’s blog team asked this question recently.We wondered if we should write about it in the same way we did last time.So here’s a quick answer.Is a site any more a site or not?If a site is a website, that means it has content, it’s a website and it’s available for everyone to […]

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